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Season 2, Episode 1
Challenge(s) None - The original veterans are re-introduced, as well as the new tewlve competitors
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"Finders Keepers"
A year after the conclusion of Total Alternate Island, Chris once again starts another season called Total Alternate Action Tour, where twelve new players join the original twenty-eight players from last season. They are Dena the Spiritualist, Raphael the Silent Card Shark, Talia the Paranormal Expert, Felix the Wannabe Magician, Emily the Germaphobe, Clark the Nosy Reporter, Leanne the Southern Belle, Lenny the Paranoid Oddball, Kiki the Playful Hacker, Oswald the Lazy Sloth, Kelsey the Crazed Stalker, and Jared the Cocky Jock Bully.



  • Blainley hosts alongside Chris and Chef to keep them in line as ordered by the board of directors from the previous season.
  • Twelve new contestants join the show.
  • Sadie has gone through a complete makeover during the year break and slimmed down thanks to Justin.
  • Beth has her braces removed.
  • Duncan FINALLY finished serving his time in juvie.
  • Wolfo has become a full-grown wolf under Jake's care.
  • Camp Wawanakwa has been converted to an airfield.
  • Tyler and Eva had broken up.