Oh Broadway, My Broadway!
Season 2, Episode 5
Challenge(s) Re-enacting a song from a Broadway musical
Reward(s) Team invincibility
Winner(s) Dangerous Directors and Scary Stagehands
Eliminated Noah
Episode Guide
"Yo Ho, a Tourist's Life for Me"
"The Grand Climbing Race"

The tourists touch down to New York on Broadway, the place of theater and musicals. They are divided up into three teams in which they must perform a musical number from a musical of their choosing. Who will rise a star, and who will wail and bomb?



Dangerous Directors- Laura, Leshawna, Jake, Kelsey, Lenny, Beth, Sara, Heather, Marcus, Jessie, Trent, Sadie, Owen

Leg Breakers- Gwen, Emily, Justin, Ezekiel, Noah, Lindsay, Duncan, Clark, Izzy, Tyler, Leanne, Eva, Andrew

Scary Stagehands- DJ, Kiki, Courtney, Felix, Katie, Geoff, Raphael, Talia, Dena, Bridgette, Oswald, Jared


  • Lindsay of the Leg Breakers performs "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables".
  • Courtney of the Scary Stagehands performs "Mamma Mia" from "Mamma Mia".
  • Heather and Sara of the Dangerous Directors perform "For Good" from "Wicked".
  • The Leg Breakers get disqualified due to an interruption in Lindsay's performance involving a falling stagelight.
  • Noah is eliminated.