Gender Male
Hair Color Black with white highlights
Eye Color Black
Sibling to Gwen
Friends Graydon, Paula, Mara
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Fear His mother
Talent Auto mechanic, throwing people
Nicknames Thug, Jailbird
Michael, labelled The Lazy Jailbird is one of the four interns hired by Chris to help set up challenges and is the elder brother of Gwen.


Michael has always been a scary and menacing looking dude: built like a tank and usually has little patience, especially when he hasn't gotten enough sleep. However, if given enough sleep, he is like his sister in some ways, a sarcastic yet pleasant person all around that is mature and will do the right thing... sometimes. Michael signed his sister up to the show because he wants her to open up more and since he has only been released four months ago from a three year sentence in Countyfield prison, spend some time with "Gwenie" as he calls her, much to her annoyance.


  • Michael is engaged and his fiance is a female guard of Countyfield
  • Despite his never-fear-anything attitude and tough guy persona, he is TERRIFIED of his mother when she is angry.
  • Is a fan of Jason Voorhees.
  • He, along with Paula, Graydon, and Mara, will be hosting the Aftermath shows in TAAT.
  • Was locked in Countyfield prison after attacking (with intent to murder) his sister's subsititute teacher, who was a pedophile after Gwen.