Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Sibling to Harold
Friends Michael, Paula, Graydon
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Fear Living in someone else's shadow
Mara, labelled The Gentlewoman, is one of the four interns hired by Chris to help set up challenges and is the elder sister of Harold.


Mara has been a gentlewoman ever since she had her first tea party when she was nine. She is a civil woman who believes that without dignity, the whole world would collapse. Mara and Harold have never gotten along, or Mara has never gotten along with Harold mainly due to her seeing him as an "undignified and repulsive nerd". Harold, however, let's these comments slide off his back and still clearly cares about his sister despite her constant hostility. Mara is basically a woman who would rather be in an 18th century home than in a backwoods game show so when questioned why she took the job, she states, "I believe that the world needs to know that there is still some decency in these decadent shows."


  • It is revealed that Mara was once secretly jealous of Harold for his successes.
  • She, along with Paula, Graydon, and Michael, will be hosting the Aftermath shows in TAAT.