Gender Female
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Puppy brown
Episode Eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Relationship N/A
Family Father, Mother, Uncle
Talent Knitting her own dresses

Leanne, labeled The Southern Belle, is one of the twelve new additional tourists introduced in TAAT.


Her family the absolute definition of 'old country', the American raised Leanne has never even heard of Total Drama. Sheltered all her life, her father wished for her to experience the real world in the hopes that she will stay with them on the family farm. Leanne has been raised to be obedient and never go against someone's wishes in the hopes to be the perfect 'housewife'. She is very sweet and never says anything bad to someone, no matter how rude and insulting they are to her. Despite her sheltered life, she longs to understand the world outside her farm, eager to break free and be her own person. Perhaps finding someone who can help her understand the world around her. Leanne, though, has never seen any Total Drama episode and unsure of who the people on the show are like. She is also always follows authority figures, rules, and doesn't even know what Chris Mclean is like.


  • Revealed to have never seen an episode of TAI before her audition.
  • The dress she wears was actually knitted by her.


Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

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