Gender Female
Hair Color Black with red highlights
Eye Color Green
Episode Eliminated Total Alternate FINALE
Place 2nd
Relationship Sara
Family Father and adopted brother
Friends Izzy, Ezekiel, Harold, Gwen, Noah, Cody, Bridgette, Jake, Jessie
Enemies Courtney
Fear Painting on a stage
Talent Painting, sketching, animal whispering
Laura, labeled The Shy Painter, is one of the six additional campers introduced to the show and was placed on the Screaming Gophers team.


Ever since her diary was read on the school intercom revealing she was a lesbian 2 years ago, she has been stuffed in lockers, beaten, picked on insulted and everything in between. This has caused her to become very shy and insecure with herself and has led to SEVERE self-esteem issues. She is a sweet girl who can make friends with any of the campers as long as she can get over her self-esteem issues and increase her confidence. Fortunately, she's being helped along by Izzy, who decided to take her on as her protege to break her out of her shy shell.

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