Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Episode Eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Relationship Wants it to be with Trent
Enemies Gwen, anyone who is friends with Gwen

Kelsey, labeled The Crazed Stalker, is one of the twelve new additional tourists introduced in TAAT.


Kelsey has always been a little desperate. Every guy she has met has either turned her down or she has scared off. She has always been interested in musicians with their ability to 'lull' her to sleep in docile tones. She always studies her boyfriends in order to understand them better, but this often leads to personal info they would rather not other people to know. Each break up has made Kelsey more and more fanatical to keep the next. When she watched the first season and saw Trent, she knew that he was her soul mate. Handsome, a gorgeous smile, and nice, Kelsey would write his name over and over again in her diary. Despite not knowing each other, Kelsey knew that a spark had set off inside her. But when he started his relationship with Gwen, Kelsey destroyed the TV in a fit of rage. Now she has come to get her soul mate and she is going to make sure that he loves her...whether he wants to or not.


  • Had tried to kill off Gwen and make it look like an accident.
  • Is the Total Alternate universe version of the canon Sierra... to a larger extreme.


Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

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