Gender Female
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Episode Eliminated Campers Rising
Relationship Harold
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Courtney, Eva (one-sided on Eva's part), Justin
Fear Blood
Talent Psychoanalysis
Jessie, labeled The Psychologist, is one of the six new campers introduced to the show. She is part of the Killer Bass team.


Ever since she was little, Jessie has always been a good judge of character and has a way with analyzing people to discover their inner selves. She is known as an exceptionally bright woman with an extraordinary amount of patience. She is not afraid of doing sports although terrible at it and also seems to project a reassuring and calm aura around her.

Love InterestsEdit


  • Is hemophobic
  • Once worked as a substitute teacher at an all boys high school
  • Records all findings in her notepad



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Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

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