Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Episode Eliminated Up the Creek (1st time), Wawanakwa Trivia (2nd time)
Relationship Owen
Family Mother, Father, and several looney relative
Friends Sara, Laura, Lindsay, Noah, Cody, Andrew, Jake, Fuzzy Wuzzums
Enemies Chris, Chef, Courtney, Justin
Fear Flying, getting caught by the RCMP
Talent Snake dancing, Making bicycles, Pulling back her eyelids, Rolling her eyes into the back of her head, Blowing stuff up, Making bases, Nature survival, Martial arts, Double jointing her elbows, Twirling fire batons, speaking with animals
Nicknames Psycho Hose Beast, Crazy Girl, Basket Case; E-Scope, Esquire, Explosivo, Brainzilla; Sargent E-Scope; Iz, My Little Izzy, Izzy the Gopher; Little Miss Crazy, Miss Weird and Weirder; Nutsie
Izzy, labeled The Psycho Hose Beast, is a camper on Total Drama Island, originally placed on the Killer Bass before switching to the Screaming Gophers team in Not So Happy Campers.


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  • Her favorite genre of music is horror movie soundtracks
  • Is a fan of Freddy Kruger
  • Is apparently a masochist to to her willingness to get shocked
  • Can communicate with animals
  • Joined Total Drama by camping outside a producer's home for three weeks
  • Had six restraining orders placed on her
  • Parents are residents of same asylum she was thrown into.



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Grey Room
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