Interlude1 1: Tour and Roomies
Season 2, Episode 3
Challenge(s) None
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) N/A
Eliminated N/A
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"Finders Keepers"
"Yo Ho, a Tourist's Life for Me"

The 39 tourists board the newly christened Spruce-Hawk to start off the new season. Chris and Blaineley give the contending tourists a small tour of the plane and their sleeping arrangements according to the colors of the passports they've found in the previous challenge. With the tourists settled in, will they have what it takes to compete in the world-hopping season? Is their safety even guaranteed with Chef as the pilot? And who was the one who attacked the first eliminated?



  • Chris originally wanted to call the plane the Spruce-Chris but was denied.
  • Room arrangements are made, but then revealed that teams will be mixed each challenge.
  • Was revealed Cody met Lindsay's father and was apparently approved by him.
  • Revealed that Heather's dad is now in jail for domestic abuse.
  • Izzy and Lenny are (supposedly) hunted by the Illuminati.
  • Revealed that during the year break, Sara and Laura had gone on two separate double dates with Izzy and Owen and with Heather and Andrew.
  • Beth seems to undergo some difficult times since the end of TAI.
  • Jake is shown to have a crush on Dena.