Hide and Be Sneaky
Season 1, Episode 26
Challenge(s) Hide and seek from a watergun-totting Chef
Reward(s) none
Winner(s) Bridgette, Sara, Leshawna
Eliminated Courtney
Episode Guide
"Search and Do Not Destroy"
"That's Off the Chain"
The campers are put in a modified game of hide and seek against Chef, who's armed with a ridiculously powerful watergun. The campers have to stay hidden for a certain time limit or get to the safe point without getting soaked by Chef. Meanwhile, Courtney's obsession with "punishing" Ezekiel goes over the line, and a lawyer comes in to finally put an end to the corruption.



  • Andrew fights to a standstill against Chef
  • Ezekiel stands up to Courtney
  • Crystal the lawyer appears due to Duncan's info
  • Courtney is forcefully removed from the competition
  • Courtney's reign of terror finally ends with her karmic elimination