Haute Camp-ture
Season 1, Episode 31
Challenge(s) None
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Gwen, Harold, Ezekiel, Laura
Eliminated Andrew
Episode Guide
"Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon"
"Camp Castaways"

Blaineley O'Halloran visits the eliminated campers at Playa de Losers to interview them on their experiences in the game as well as their opinions of the remaining campers still active. By the end, the eliminated campers are given the choice to decide who will get voted off next.



  • Blaineley is the ex-wife of Chris, much to the campers' shock.
  • Leshawna gets called out by Jessie, Sara, and Bridgette when her self-righteous behavior grates their last nerve.
  • Courtney is revealed to have had her face disfigured from Gwen's punch from earlier.
  • Andrew is accidentally eliminated.