Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Male
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Black
Episode Eliminated Finders Keepers (TAAT)
Place TAI: 1/28

TAAT: 40/40

Relationship Jessie
Family Mother, Father, Older Brother (Greg), Older Sister (Mara)
Friends Gwen, Heather, Bridgette, Geoff, Trent, DJ, Andrew, Owen, Cody, Jake, Laura, Izzy
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Fear Ninjas, Woolly beavers
Talent Beatboxing, juggling a card from one back pants pocket to the other, slow motion fighting, scouting, dancing, dodging, Num Yos, math, chemistry, figure skating, keyboard/keytar, tuba, surfing
Nicknames Skater Nerd, Princess, Dweeb, Harry Hou-weenie, Doris, Dork boy, Muchacho, Loser Nerdling; Stringbean, Soul Patch, Sugar Baby, Ginger Babycakes, Ginger Biscuit; Alpha Geek, Trout Lips, Big Chem Nerd; Dirty Harold, Sensei; Traitor; Captain Alberta; H-Bomb; Holmes
Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V, labeled The Dweeb, is a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass.


Love InterestsEdit


  • Has won every single badge in his camp troop.
  • Once framed a constant bully for being a drug addict.



Killer Bass
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