Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Episode Eliminated I Triple Dog Dare You
Relationship Katie
Family Mother, Father
Friends Bridgette, Andrew, DJ, Jessie, Geoff, Gwen, Duncan, Lindsay, Eva, Sadie
Enemies Courtney
Fear Moose
Talent Cooking, Archery, Spelling, Learning and speaking foreign languages
Nicknames Homeschool; Hoser Boy; The Zeke; Zeke; Ezeke; Zeke the Ripper; Cling-On
Ezekiel, labeled The Homeschooled Guy, is a camper on Total Drama Island and was a member of the Killer Bass.


Love InterestsEdit


  • Can speak eight languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Latin, and Russian
  • Reveled to have once shot a cat during a hunt with his father.
  • Father is a professional hunter while his mother is a stay at home mom.



Killer Bass
Bridgette Geoff DJ Harold Duncan Tyler Ezekiel Eva Katie Sadie Courtney Andrew Jessie Jake

Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

Violet Room
Trent Emily Ezekiel Leanne