Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Male
Hair Color Black with breen mohawk
Eye Color Teal
Episode Eliminated Are We There Yeti?
Relationship Leshawna
Family Mother, Father, Older brother (Graydon)
Friends Geoff, DJ, Owen, Lindsay, Andrew
Enemies Everyone (except friends)
Fear Celine Dion music store standees
Talent Skull carving, Rule breaking, Making bikes, Making fake blood, Pranking, Acting
Nicknames Diaper Shark; The Delinquent; Darling; Mr. Know-It-All; Honey; Dunky; Jerkface; The All-Seeing Eye; All-Seeing Jerk; Idiot; Doug; Skeeze; Vandal Boy; D; Danger Boy; D-Man; Dunc; Bromigo; Scrawny Chicken Leg Boy; Bambi; Baby Boy
Duncan, labeled The Delinquent, is a camper on Total Drama Island on the Killer Bass team.


Love InterestsEdit


  • His fear of Celine Dion music store standees was due to a past prank gone horribly wrong
  • Was thrown into juvie for an arson he got framed for
  • Had broken into his school principal's office to change his grades
  • His entire family is made up of police officers.
  • Was released from Juvie shortly after TAI.



Killer Bass
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Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

White Room
Duncan Oswald Beth