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Chris Mclean
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Friends Chef Hatchet (some of the time)
Enemies Chef Hatchet, All of the campers, Interns
Fear His hair getting messed up on public TV, getting sued, lawyers, getting fired
Talent Hurting the contestants, directing, hosting, making challenges as dangerous/disgusting as possible, skating, singing
Nicknames Pretty boy, Sadist host, Kyle, Chip, Smartass
Chris Mclean is the sadistic host of Total Alternate Island and main antagonist in the story.


Just like in the show, Chris is an insanely sadistic and egotistical man who enjoys torturing and humiliating the campers in and out of challenges for the sake of ratings as well as for his own personal amusement. Because of this, he has acquired a natural ability to cause drama and frustrations among the campers to boost ratings because "conflict is what people want to see on TV". This in turn caused basically everyone on the island to hate him, but he coesn't care because he's the host and everything he says goes.

Love InterestsEdit

Chris really doesn't care about anyone but himself and his reflection. He also tends to be an attention hog, trying to get in as much camera time as possible.

It is revealed he has an ex-wife, and it is none other than Blaineley.


  • Was divorced by Blainely for having three hookers in their bed on their anniversary.