Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Chef Hatchet
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Friends Chris Mclean (some of the time)
Enemies Everyone
Talent Cooking (when he feels like it), playing the harp, karate, drill seargant, hunting, sniping
Nicknames Master Chief, General Crazy, Psycho, Cue Ball
Chef Hatchet is the co-host of the show as well as the chef on the island (much to the campers' dismay).


Considered to be Chris's sidekick in his endeavors as he also seems to enjoy torturing the campers for his own amusement. Chef tends to intimidate the campers with his visual bulk and doesn't like it when people actually stand up to him. He also has a habit to crossdress in certain challenges.


  • Served in the military as Paula's drill sergeant.