Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Sky Blue
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Fear Being embarrassed
Nicknames Blaine-eriffic, Babe, Miss Halloran
Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O-Halloran is the host of Celebrity Manhunt and quite popular in the media industry.


When Chris 's actions as of late was put into scrutiny by the network executives, he was put on the chopping block as if he should continue hosting or not. Chris managed to keep his job, but now he will have to be monitored from now on to make sure he doesn't go too far in his challenges. Blaineley gets called on to monitor Chris to keep him in line, which is easy for her considering she's his ex-wife!


  • Ex-wife to Chris due to him having several hookers in their bed on their one year anniversary among other things
  • Now co-hosts along with Chris and Chef in TAAT